Praise for Tracy

Last night I was invited to attend a Yin Yoga session and was absolutely blown away by the experience.
Upon arriving, I was feeling rather tense in my lower back and shoulders – during the practice, I was able to let that tension go and flow into a space of peace and tranquility.
Tracy, our instructor, was very accommodating and supportive, guiding us on a journey with our breath and body – which was absolutely divine – and provided a soothingly welcome atmosphere and environment.
Today, I woke up and felt more energised, nimble and balanced than I have all week.
I’m looking forward to attending another Class with Tracy very soon.


Yoga at Tabourie is such a beautiful space, I feel so stretched & refreshed after my visits.
Tracey is a wonderful teacher that is very welcoming and will make you feel rite at home.
I highly recommend trying one of Tracey’s classes if you haven’t already.

Kelly Anne

Tracey is an incredible woman, and her teaching of giving back to ourselves, helping to make you remember, just how important you are. I love Tabourie yoga – I think it saved me. Thank you.


Sessions have been so fantastic. Loving the Restorative class and the feeling of well-being. Thank you Tracy 🙏🙏🙏


I always enjoy my classes with Tracy. The variety of classes is awesome and so is her studio ♥